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For those about to be Porked, we salute you.  

For those that have already been Porked... thank you.  Very much.

We've been intensely fielding all of your correspondence, and here is what has shaken out... hope this information helps!


What are the bust sizes (widths) of your shirt sizes?

Here is the sizing chart for most of the shirts we use.  Please understand that measurements may vary a smidge.  Fabric does weird stuff sometimes.

Unisex Poly/Cotton blend tee measurements...

width 16.5 in. 18 in. 20 in. 22 in. 24 in. 26 in. 28 in.
height 26 in. 28 in. 29 in. 30 in. 31 in. 32 in. 33 in.

Unisex 100% cotton crewneck and ringer tee measurements...

width 15 in. 16.5 in.
18 in.
20 in.
22 in.
24 in.
26 in.
28 in.
height 25 in. 26 in. 28 in. 29 in. 30 in. 31 in. 32 in. 33 in.

 Unisex 100% cotton 3/4 sleeve jersey tee measurements...

width 15.5 in.
17.5 in.
19.5 in.
21.5 in.
23.5 in.
25.5 in.
height 28 in. 29 in. 30 in. 31 in. 32 in. 33 in.  34"

 Women's poly/cotton blend, crew- and v-neck tee measurements...

width 16 in. 16.5 in. 17.5 in. 18.5 in. 19.5 in. 20.5 in.
height 24.5 in. 25 in. 26 in. 27 in. 28 in. 29 in.

 Women's 100% cotton v-neck tee measurements...

width 16 in.
16.5 in.
17.5 in.
18.5 in.
19.5 in.
20.5 in.
height 24.5 in. 25 in. 26 in. 27 in. 28 in. 29 in.

 Women's poly/cotton blend racerback tank measurements...

width 13.5 in.
14.5 in.
15.5 in.
16.5 in.
17.5 in.
18.5 in.
height 26 in. 27 in. 28 in. 29 in. 30 in. 31 in. 


How long will it take to ship my order?

Under normal circumstances, we are proud to say that most orders are processed in 3-5 days, but sometimes the warehouse where we get our blank garments runs outta stock. So... on rare occasions order processing can take up to 10-15 business days.  Your patience is very much appreciated.


Where in the world will Flying Pork Apparel ship, exactly?

Well... the world is exactly where we will ship. Just be patient, pretty-please... international shipping times vary, and most of the time, we cannot provide a tracking number.  On the bright side, no one has any complaints thus far, and our lovely Pork has exported to many exotic places such as South America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, military bases... and even CANADA!  Just a matter of us filling out the right customs form.

So order away, good people of Earth... if we encounter a problem on our end, we will be sure to reach out and keep you in the loop. If we can't figure out a solution, of course we will refund you fully. We love you guys!


What is the official Flying Pork return policy?

Well... if your shirt is too small, too large, or if we just plain screwed something up, we are happy to exchange or return your item within 14 days of purchase. That'll give you a chance to try it on, look it over, wear it to a shin-dig or two, and think on things.

All you need to do is send your item to the following address, and include a note of the size you would like instead. You must get the same design... can't switch it up, folks.... complicates things, unfortunately.

The Flying Pork Apparel Co.
attn: Brad Lark
6325 Glade Av.
Cincinnati, OH  45230-2711

Once Flying Pork receives your returned item, we will send your replacement item immediately, or issue your reimbursement of the cost of the item(s) to be returned (shipping costs will not be refunded)... whichever you had requested.

Flying Pork Apparel is happy to honor this policy on international orders, but we must insist that you, the customer, pay for all shipping charges to get your item-to-be-returned back to us. We understand that sometimes customs policies are a bit ridiculous... we're sorry we can't do more here.


Can I get this design on a different shirt?

This is a possibility, but it doesn't work every time. We have researched the heck out of the shirts we use for our designs... pairing the right color, with the right design, with the right printing/pressing process. It's a surprisingly precarious combination that requires a LOT of research and failed trials.

So basically... reach out. Ask! We might be able to accommodate you, but there will be a fee for the extra elbow grease our people need to put in for any extra steps and extra research... $4 to be exact.


Can I pick up my order, if I live in the Greater Cincinnati (OH) Area?

Unfortunately, due to legal, safety and time management issues, we cannot allow customers to come to the shop and pick up their orders at this time. Reeeeaally sorry... we're trying to figure out a way to accommodate this.


How do custom orders work?

Custom orders are very doable, and done very often. We can print your design for you, or we can help you with a design and get that onto a garment. All within our wheelhouse.

Kicking off production on a custom order just requires a credit card payment taken over the phone for the full amount quoted to you. This is done using a Shopify POS (Point-of-Sale) app that allows us to ring up orders offline. This application is provided to Flying Pork by Shopify, who happens to be our website hosting company. We have used this app several times already... zero complaints :)


What the heck is a Virtual Merch Booth?

So... if you like, you can pay a yearly fee, and become our client. We will set up a small store that lives on our site. This store contains shirt designs for your company or entity. Maybe you have designed them, and we've printed them... maybe WE have both designed AND printed them. Either way's cool... but the other thing is cool is that you get a kickback for every shirt that is sold through our site.

We take care of everything... creating designs... getting your approval on these designs... producing the actual garments... customer service... quality control... shipping... handling... social media bumps. All you really need to do is help us with social media posts, and kindly Retweet/Share/Repost when you see something from us posted on your behalf.


FAQ pages do not always hit the subject about which you inquire... we get that. That's why we have an email for that... Use it... we want you folks to be satisfied, not frustrated. Thanks for all the support thus far... we just love alla you. A lot.

Get Yer Pork On.

Thanks for visiting The Flying Pork Apparel Company. We're proud Cincinnatians feebly attempting to spread the joy... in t-shirt form. Please root around our site, and we hope to put a smile on your snout. Oink. Totally.

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