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Internationally shipping. Shipping shirt love all over the place... not only has The Flying Pork Apparel Co. shipped to all 50 states, we have also shipped abroad... to Canada as well as far, far away to Japan and even Australia. Thanks to all for the outpouring of support we have received thus far.

The Flying Pork Apparel Co. (FPA) was officially co-founded by Brad Lark and his pal Nate Ward in April of 2014, but the groundwork and various designs have been under development since September of 2013. In April of 2016, Brad took over sole ownership and proprietorship of FPA. The company still does its thing out of Cincinnati, because it's a pretty dang cool here.

A little more about Brad.  Brad Lark has gathered decades of experience in design, illustration and motion graphics since graduating from University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP), and still does takes on freelance work in this regard... he's also earned a buck or two as a sculptor, copywriter, and as a live musician and songwriter.

Flying Pork's inspiration comes from a collective desire to focus on the the simpler things in life... things that generate good vibes amongst you folks out there. T-shirts are but one time-tested vehicle that does this very thing quite well.

The designs you see here come from all angles, many genres, and these ideas have neither ridden nor will they ever ride the coat tails of another entity's intellectual property. We prefer plain old inspiration and elbow grease, and there's a huge (and growing) idea list for Flying Pork to draw from, and we're very excited to eventually give it all over to all of our fans.

Flying Pork's future will involve increasing variety of products and services, building fun relationships with vendors/clients/customers, and maintaining a high level of quality and customer service to alla you folks.

Thanks very much for your interest in The Flying Pork Apparel Company... we hope to see you often :) Oink.


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