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Hondo Society Cin tee

Cincy on the inside, Hondo on the outside.  Cincinnati is home to many Future Folk fans.  Show your Hondonian pride with one-a these bad boys.  Unisex is printed on 100% cotton white crewneck or 65% polyester/50% cotton heather grey, and then them there ladies will be donning a v-neck slender-fit 100% cotton doo-dad... either white or heather grey.  Order a size up, gals, if you want this to fit you more loosely.  This brand of women's shirt was designed to be snug and comfy.  HONDO!

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Thanks for visiting The Flying Pork Apparel Company. We're proud Cincinnatians feebly attempting to spread the joy... in t-shirt form. Please root around our site, and we hope to put a smile on your snout. Oink. Totally.

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